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Back office drafting no substitute for on-site thrills

Front end design headquarters..

..Back end execution site

Along the western coastline of the Caribbean island of Trinidad is a little town that goes by the name of Point Lisas. While Trinidad is usually associated with a throbbing nightlife and an engaging repertoire of calypso performers, limbo dancers and steel bands, Point Lisas is better known (to the few who do) for its port and the industries that surround it. Trinidad, incidentally is the bustling, populated and hectic sibling of Tobago (a 5-hour ferry ride away), a more relaxed place in general that boasts pristine beaches, ocean facing hotels and generally everything that represents a good time to be had.

Point Lisas lies 17 miles south of teeming capital Port of Spain and houses the country's oil and natural gas reserves. Speaking of which, Trinidad is just seven miles off the coast of oil-rich Venezuela. One identifiable landmark in this industrial town would perhaps be one of steel king L N Mittal's earliest acquisi…