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A Concert for Money

This is simpler than managing cross-border taxes (pic courtesy:Tomko Consulting)

Jethro Tull lead singer Ian Anderson (he of the shining steel flute, wild eyes and deep, resonating voice fame) told this writer, in the course of an interview in an expansive sea-facing hotel suite in Bombay that one of his biggest headaches was not, as many thought, the hardship endured in his spirited stage performances. The question pertained to the source of his boundless energy which he dismissed to passion and love for music.

Anderson and Jethro Tull, for those not acquainted, average some 100 live concerts a year. A somewhat taxing schedule you might admit. Yes, particularly if you were born in 1947 (that makes you 58 today) and your first album (This Was) was released in 1968.

Lets put it this way; not many, including much younger rock musicians, can leap across the stage, wave a steel flute menacingly, pose like a heron, with one foot lifted up, touching the other knee, in addition to playing th…

The Battle For Britain - A Campaign Story

One reason the 1997 election was exciting (pic: Tory Campaign)

Tony Blair's third successful return to Government brings back memories of his grand arrival on the British electoral scene eight years ago. This was the first time one had hit a campaign trail for an election, with any politician. And the willing participant happened to be a British Asian Member of Parliament seeking re-election.

The year was 1997 and a momentous one for Britain. After 18 years of ruling powerful and mighty, Tony Blair's labour party was set to boot out the Tories. Labour not only went on to hold the electorate with a near vice-like grip but also proceeded to, quite smartly, redefine itself as New Labour - its world view had more in common with the Tories it just defeated than its own past.

It was this, month of May (British elections are predictable, unlike the rains) and I had just arrived in London having completed an exhaustive but educative sojourn across some European Union member countries…

Back To School

Some day, all this will be for real

There are perhaps several hundred highly specialised courses which tell you, the young aspiring B-School student, how to, among other things, manage the two or three grim looking morons sitting behind the table. For it is they who will decide on your admission into this B School and thus help you along the path to becoming a CEO in three years. Or does it take less nowadays ?

Fortunately, they will only contribute and not whole-heartedly drive the process. That's because you also have to battle a strenuous group discussion and clear a psychometric test (yes, its not just aspiring astronauts who face this) before landing up at your interviewers' doorstep.

The interviewers are typically drawn from all walks of corporate and business life. One really means all walks because that's how this writer was privileged enough to find himself on a Sunday morning last week facing a fairly long line up of young students engaging the last hurdle in the s…

Buzz II

`Seamless Integration' at Bandra Station, North West Bombay (pic: author)

Do cities like Bangalore and Delhi have the buzz, well, umm, lets see..! Anyway, the diversity of feedback-opinion is interesting as it is most insightful. Before one proceeds, one must acknowledge the contribution of fellow journalist and co-blogger Rashmi Bansal who has been kindly directing readers and bloggers to this otherwise barren blog. She will also give her take, separately. A poll is also planned so keep checking in !

So, what defines or constitutes Buzz ? Different things to different people, clearly. While Bombay seems to win hands down as India's biggest buzz generator, other cities are lining up. Lets look at some of the reasons put forth by all you who pitched in with your views:

Seamless integration, the zone absorbs you into its fold !

This surely applies to cities, Bombay welcomes you with open arms, locks you in its embrace and makes you feel totally wanted. As a lonely, young soul in Bo…


Actually, you have to feel it..(pic: author)

Groups of young, well heeled boys and girls in their trendiest walk along animatedly, almost purposefully, as they dodge and wing past saree-clad ladies, impatient toddlers tugging at their bags, haggling with the vendors standing behind their vegetable carts.

A white Maruti Zen slows down, music pounds from within, the teenage driver and his three companions appear suitably nonchalant, like they couldn't have guessed they are the cause of the distraction that's caused pedestrians and passers-by on both sides of the street to inspect them, albeit momentarily.

The Zen moves on, the throbbing beats fade out, other sounds take over, a stationary bus shifts gears noisily as it takes on the last passenger from the bus stop, right behind the carts. The honking resumes with gusto as the bus moves out onto the road and a small traffic jam develops. A delivery boy on a cycle dashes madly past, the wooden box affixed on the back sports the nam…